Encouraging the Church by enabling its leaders to thrive.

Our vision: thriving leaders, healthy teams and flourishing churches.

Our values

  • Person centred.
    Every person, team and situation is unique. Off-the-shelf solutions do not exist. It starts with listening to you and your team. You are the heroes of the story.
  • Reality embracing.
    All of us need help to understand our context more deeply, to see beyond our own perspectives so that future strategies are grounded in current realities.
  • Jesus focussed.
    Behind the struggles of leadership, Jesus is already present and already at work. Discerning what He is doing in you, in order that He can do more through you is the leadership journey. It’s all about joining the dots between who Jesus is and how we lead.
  • Future orientated.
    Leaders take people into the future. We need leaders who can refresh the familiar and birth the new. We support leaders and their teams in the purpose vision and planning process of moving forward.