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Jubilee Leadership

Interview with Steve Gaukroger

“If we don’t go to them with love they will come to us with guns.”

How do we lead in the local church in a time of global crisis?
In this wide ranging interview, I talk to my old boss and member of our council of reference, Steve Gaukroger, who works with leaders across the world.

Jubilee Leadership

Interview with Martin Williams

Going into church leadership is a bit like having a first child. However hard you try, nothing can actually prepare you for it. What I finally realised was that the main protagonist was not me but the Spirit of God. There are not many people who know more about church leaders in the UK than Martin. For 5 years he was the Director of Lead Academy which has worked with hundreds of churches and we are very privileged to have him on our council of reference.

Jubilee Leadership

Interview with Andy Flannagan

There is so much more to Westminster than the pantomime of Prime Ministers questions. Five days after the general election in the UK, Andy Flannagan, Director of Christians in politics, reflects on where we now find ourselves as a country and how Christians are discovering how to be salt and light in the political leadership of our nation.

Jubilee Leadership

"We are not on a godly mission if it tramples over people on the way."

Bekah Legg is CEO of Restored, a charity working with abused women. In this interview Bekah reminds us of how domestic abuse is an issue in all of our churches and how we might respond. She also shares a number of very helpful insights about the parallels between domestic abuse and the various types of ‘religious’ abuse which can occur in churches. I found it a fascinating and timely conversation with some helpful ways forward for our churches to be safer in the future.

Jubilee Leadership

Inspirational stories from the African church

In 2015 Colin, Pam and their 3 children left the UK to go to Africa to be involved in church planting to unreached people groups. Eight years into that adventure we talked to them about what they have learnt. The ‘stand outs’ for me were the inspirational stories from the African church, what they have learnt about how we find God on the fringes of ecclesiastical power and how it’s easy to think we are a multicultural church when in fact we are multi ethnic but mono cultural church. Definitely worth listening to the distilled wisdom of two wonderful people.

Jubilee Leadership

Anna talks about the difficult times in leadership

Anna is currently the Country Director for a relief and development agency working in Lebanon, leading at team of 120 staff. Anna has worked and led in some of the most challenging environments in the world including the DRC, South Sudan and Iraq. In this inspiring interview Anna talks candidly about the difficult times in leadership, the part that fear plays in her decision making and the difference between optimism and hope.

RSS Andy Hickford’s reflections on faith and leadership

  • A leadership lesson from the Covid enquiry.
    If the covid enquiry has taught us anything so far, it is surely that Peter Drucker was right: Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Leaders love to plan and strategize, but unless they pay great attention to the culture of their organisation (the way things get done and the way people relate to one another) then […]
  • Gaza – understanding victim blindness.
    As I watch the horror stories emerge from the conflict in Gaza, I am reminded of the writing of Miroslav Volf. ‘The principle cannot be denied , the fiercer the struggle against the injustice you suffer, the blinder you will be to the injustice you inflict. We tend to translate the presumed wrongness of our […]
  • Why do we do what we do?
    Reflections on leadership by Andy Hickford No doubt you are more than familiar with the high rates of burnout for those in ministry and have heard plenty of tragic stories of where ministry ‘went wrong’ for people.  You may even, at this moment, feel pretty close to the edge yourself.  But what if the key to understanding […]
  • A Post-Easter Reflection for Those in Ministry.
    Andy Hickford Should I forget the kindness of your heart, Should I forget how beautiful your grace, O lead me to that old and rugged cross, And let these eyes be opened once again.(1) Now that the Easter services are over, may I invite you to consider how the mystery and wonder of the cross […]