Why the name Jubilee Leadership?

In the Old Testament book of Leviticus, chapter 25, God instructed the people of Israel to observe a year of Jubilee. Every 50 years the land was to be rested and they were not to sow any crops. All property was to be restored to its previous owners and slaves were to be released.

God’s intention with the year of Jubilee, was to press reset with His people. He wanted everyone to start over again, to give everyone rest, give the poor and the broken a fresh start and to humble the rich and powerful. Jubilee was all about teaching people to let go of the things they put their trust in and learn to depend on God for everything.

What about Jubilee today? At this point in history, God’s people in the West, desperately need to be reset. But for this to happen, weary, under resourced and often discouraged church leaders need to find rest. Their trust in Jesus and vision for a vibrant transforming church needs to be restored. Then equipped with new insights, resources, rhythms and community, leaders need to be released to refresh the familiar models of church and birth the new.

Jubilee leadership – Restoring, resting and releasing leaders for the church to be reset.